Hunting School Information

The course will be presented in both Afrikaans and English depending on the choice of the group.  If you prefer to be lectured only in English then you may have the choice.

The course is the only course needed to qualify as a professional hunter and outfitter.  After you have completed the course successfully you will be qualified to guide a client on and antelope hunt.  If you can provide sufficient prove of hunting experience of the dangerous six, you will qualify to guide a client of an antelope hunt as well as the dangerous six hunt.  Your outfitters license will however only be issued after enough experience and certain criteria, but that will be discussed with you on the professional hunting course.

An average of 10 students are allowed for each PH course and we usually have 8 - 10  students attending a course.  The pass mark of our students is high seeing as the training is very intensive and the standard of the lectures and personnel is exceptional.

If a student happens not to pass one of the sections of the course he will be allowed to rewrite during any other course free of charge.  We want to make sure that you are as successful as possible.

According to law you must be at least 21 years old and be a permanent resident of RSA to become a Professional Hunter and/or Outfitter.  Although you are welcome to do the course before you turn 21, but when you turn 21, you must do the exam again (free of cost) before the PH lisence will be issued.  Foreign students are most welcome to participate in this hunting course.  It is of great importance that you have an Education and Study visa before you may do the course.  You cannot purchase you Professional Hunting License unless you are in possession of a Permanent residence permit, or is a citizen of the Republic of South Africa.  You will receive a certificate after successful completion of the course.

You will be tested in different ways as far as your ability to handle a rifle is concerned.  With the final booking we will send you all the study material.  This material consist of the most important facts.

The course is presented for both professional hunters and hunting outfitters and there is no further examination for the hunting outfitter.

Our  accommodation is of highest standard.  We have thatched chalets with their own bathrooms, a comfortable thatched lecture hall, dining room and all the modern conveniences.     

The school is held over ten days.  We cover the syllabus as prescribed by the Department of Nature Conservation in order to write the Professional Hunters examination.

Of the total cost of the 10 day course a 20% deposit will be paid.

Please fax the deposit slip with your name on to the above fax number in order to receive your study material.

The rest of the amount should be paid 5 days before the course starts.  The full deposit will be refunded should we receive written notice of cancellation, at least 60 days in advance.  After that no deposit is refunded.  The cost includes the following:  accommodation, meals, lectures, books, examination fees.  You will have to provide the following:  skinning knife, binoculars, any alcoholic and soft drinks, rifle with a telescope and about 60 rounds of ammunition (.308 cal or bigger - 270 cal or 7 mm is acceptable).  If you prefer, ear and eye protection. 

All practical tests are done after the lectures and practical work is completed.  You will also prepare for the Ordinance and General Ecology examinations which are taken under the auspices of Nature Conservation.  A compulsory pass mark of 70 % is required.

Some of the subjects covered include:  ordinance; tracking; hunting ethics;  bullet placing and skill; general knowledge of firearms and ballistics; firearms - safety; clients; repair and maintenance; sighting in of firearms; photography; bowhunting; handling of trophies; loading; transporting and skinning; measuring methods RW and SCI; ecology; facilities - camp and vehicles; horn judging; bird shooting; bird identification; first aid; outfitter; hunter and client relations; administration; marketing, etc.

List of recommended books for you own knowledge:  Mammals: - Any fieldguide that provides clear photographs - Burger Cilliers / Clive Walker/Robin Frandsen; Birds: - Roberts/Kenneth Newman/Sasol ens.  Tracks:  - Louis Liebenberg - A Concise guide to the animal tracks of Southern Africa.

If you would like to have more referrals of previous students in various areas, please feel free to contact us, and we will give you the information without any problems.

Reservations for the course should be done as soon as possible.  Any further enquiries can be done by phoning the above telephone number or contacting me at the above address.